Modern-Expo Group unites more than 3000 talented  people. The company, being headquartered in Lutsk (Ukraine), runs its offices in in Poland, Germany, Belarus, the UK, France, Russia, the UAE. 

Modern-Expo runs one of the biggest R&D centres in Europe, that is responsible for all products concepts and design: 77 design engineers, 54 process engineers, 18 designers, 12 product managers.

Production is carried out at hight-tech factories that totally occupy 112 000 sq.m. The biggest factory is located in  Lutsk, Ukraine (65 000 sq.m.), the other two are in  Verkhniodniprovsk, Ukraine (22 000 sq.m.) and  Vitebsk, Belarus (25 000 sq.m.)

LEAN at the Modern-Expo

The purpose of the concept of economical production is to get rid of all kinds of losses and to maximize the efficiency of the resources’ usage.

For the Modern-Expo system has been introduced at Modern-Expo 2008.

Operational excellence is one of the most important values for us. More than 70% of the employees are now involved in the Lean system, for them we created an internal structure for implementation (Toyota Production System)

Modern-Expo Lean Success

Lead Time is shortened in 7 times 70% of the products are made up during 3 days
Production space is reduced on 25%
Every year waste is reduced on 50%
Productivity increased by 30% per year