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Shelving Shelving
Columbus shelving system is designed for products layout, storage and sale. Trade shelving is a special equipment for stores, sale departments and the main tool of merchandising and salerooms’ interior design
Checkouts Checkouts
The Magellan product line of checkout counters includes solutions for all stores’ formats. The checkouts are made in accordance with all European ergonomics standards and requirements. They have an individual and recognizable design and are built to provide basic classic building forms such as tandem and twin. There is a wide range of accessories for satisfying cashiers’ and customers’ needs.
Storage solutions Storage solutions
The Hudson high racks system is designed for storing goods. Its special equipment allows the effective usage of storage space. There are individual types of shelving constructions for different weights and sizes of goods.
Refrigeration equipment Refrigeration equipment
Refrigeration trade equipment is designed for the short-term storage, display and sale of pre-cooled or frozen perishable goods.
IT equipments IT equipments
Modern-Expo Group IT equipment for trading companies optimizes the work of points of sale and renders customer service fast and up-to-date.
Catering equipment Catering equipment
Professional kitchen equipment for the preparation of fresh products and ready-to-cook products. It can be installed in various types of establishments, in particular in restaurants, cafes, bars, confectioneries, and in the production premises of shops.
Branded equipment Branded equipment
Branded equipment is designed to increase sales and promote trademark products in retail sales areas.
Parcel terminal Parcel terminal
Parcel Terminals are perfect solutions that provide such benefits as: round-the-clock availability, cheaper delivery, parcel receiving efficiency, no contact with the courier and a variety of payment forms (cash, credit card, e-money).