February 26, 2019

Modern-Expo Rebranding Started!

International company Modern-Expo, global manufacturer and supplier of complete retail solutions, started the process of rebranding. This is the first big change in company’s Identity during 22 years of existence on the market.

Modern-Expo Group - international company, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of complete retail solutions for retail in Central and Eastern Europe. Production facilities comprise 112 000 square meters and situated in Lutsk (Ukraine), Verkhnodniprovsk (Ukraine), Vitebsk (Belarus). Modern-Expo offers its solutions to more than 70 countries of the world. The company’s portfolio consists of more than 50 different SKUs: display shelving, checkout counters, stainless steel equipment (HoReCa), high racks, self-checkouts, POS-equipment, refrigeration equipment. Modern-Expo works on SMART retail solutions and store design concepts. 11 of

In 2018, Modern-Expo defined its mission - to help retailers sell, and shoppers - buy. Its vision is to be the key retail change agent in Europe today and in the whole world tomorrow. Changes in corporate identity reflect significant structural and product changes inside the company. 

Modern-Expo working principles are integrated approach, flexibility in work, operational excellence and win-win relationships. “We Create Retail New” brand positioning means that today the company not only builds new modern stores, but also tries to understand the future of retail, helps its clients and partners identify the right direction of the development, new rules of cooperation and success. Modern-Expo is the most reliable partner in this spheres.

Modern-Expo розпочала ребрендинг!

Ukrainian creative agency MADCATS designed the new Modern-Expo corporate identity based on the vision, mission and positioning. The main idea is that retail space can be changed. It can be alive, interesting and stylish. 

Modern-Expo rebranding will pass in several stages throughout 2019. The new system of signs and marks for promotional materials, uniforms, cars, cargoes, parcels and products will be adopted and finished. Signboards in Lutsk, Lublin and other representative offices, as well as in Vitebsk and Verkhnodniprovsk production sites, will be changed.

Official presentation of the company’s new style will take place during the 3rd, Modern Retail Forum, on 28th of March in Kyiv (Ukraine) and on the 28th of May - in Warsaw (Poland). 

What Modern-Expo CEOs and project developers think of rebranding?

Modern-Expo розпочала ребрендинг!

Petro Pylypiuk, CEO, Modern-Expo:

- Modern-Expo changes its style - graphics and design, logo and signature. But external changes do not mean anything without a main idea. Without internal readiness for change and the decision to share it with our partners, clients and colleagues.

We are a dynamic company. But the speed of changes is growing each year. There are many reasons for this, but the main thing is that the world became more global. And we are not the same as well.

Modern-Expo is about creating a store of the future, about new trends. That’s why it should meet the needs of time. Now we have to present this message in a world-wide known way: by a new look, tone, and stylistics. Rebranding is an instrument, a way of communication with the whole world. This sincerity will strengthen our positioning as a global company, the manufacturer and supplier of complete retail solutions, as a company that strives to be №1 in the world.

Modern-Expo розпочала ребрендинг!

Bogdan Lukasik, Chairman & Group CEO, Modern-Eхро: 

— Our decision about Modern-Expo rebranding was not a simple thing to make. Modern-Expo has always been open and up-to-date, but a little bit restrained when it comes to look&feel, names, logos, colors. Now, we admit that those changes we have come through inside, do not reflect to the outside. Everything that made Modern-Expo success possible up to this date remains our bright and outstanding history. 

Our new style is a confirmation of our new level. The changes are not only about the logo but about new way of how should we be understood by our customers.  That is the focus of rebranding - to feel, look and act the same way. We want to deliver all the changes to our existing business partners, potential customers and everyone who has been with us the long way before. 

We ended one chapter and are going to start another one. The one where our new strategy, way of thinking and acting stands behind WE CREATE RETAIL NEW. I believe that all changes will help to reach the biggest goal - to become №1 key retail change agent! 

Modern-Expo розпочала ребрендинг!

Igor Didok, Head of Modern-Expo Marketing Department:

— Each person and each company should act in accordance with what they preach. Modern-Expo is a company from the future. Creating new retail solutions and promoting innovations cannot look the same as it was twenty years ago. Because these are two different companies: Modern-Expo old and modern one. Old is about production of trading equipment. Modern is about complete retail solutions - from concept to implementation. We have everything for this. Modern-Expo includes companies that are responsible for innovation, design and engineering. We have analysts, researches, test labs and R&D center. Therefore, rebranding is the positioning of ourselves as experts.

A new style is a great joy for me. I like to share it because it's something really cool. I will tell you more about this experience during the third Modern Retail Forum, which will be held in Kyiv on March 28 within the Retail&Development Business Expo-2019. The Topic is "Brand strategy as the company’s key change agent". I invite you to visit the event organized by Modern-Expo.

Modern-Expo розпочала ребрендинг!

Glib Petrov, Manager and Partner at Madcats Creative Agency:

—  The project with the international company Modern-Expo Group started with our visit to head office in Lutsk, Ukraine. When we saw everything, got to know with people and visited modern factory, we realized that the company had already gone ahead of that visual image, in which it remains. There is nothing more exciting than creating an appropriate image of a big, efficient and successful company, which presents Ukraine on the international markets.

We wanted not only to make an image of the company look more up-to-date. The goal was to get rid of unnecessary elements - those things that do not correspond to the company’s vision, its activity and its life.  We wished to look at the future and show that Modern-Expo is absolutely ready for new changes. That means to fill the visual identification with sense and to show the idea of retail as an area for people, companies and innovations. Moreover, we developed a flexible system, which helps to create new sub-brands and structural subdivisions. 

We took away the old’s logo ambiguity. These are: tiny fonts, extra contrast or thin lines - everything that limited the logo usage on the proper materials such as metal. Simplicity and geometricity of the shapes gave it the new coherent look. The history of the company still be connected with its name and red color, though the latest shade was changed a little. 

We wish Modern-Expo Company to achieve new goals!

Go Modern!

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