Storage solutions

Hudson high racks system is designed for storage of goods. Special equipment enables the effective usage of storage space. There are individual types of shelving constructions for different weight and sizes of goods.
High Rack System High Rack System
The Hudson system is used for products’ storing. Specialized equipment facilitates the efficient usage of warehouses. Warehouses have a different design, depending on the weight and size of the goods.
Dynamic storage solution Dynamic storage solution
Modern-Expo, being specialized in warehouse logistics and storage warehouse automation, designs and installs automated solutions for storing various types of products for manufacturers and distributors.
Additional solutions for logistics Additional solutions for logistics
Compact ROLL and Pallet Containers will help you in saving of trading space.
Solutions for C&C та DIY Solutions for C&C та DIY
Storage solutions for Cash & Carry and DIY are a combination of the HUDSON shelving series and the COLUMBUS trading shelf.