August 10, 2018

Modern-Expo Group Successfully Passed the Social Responsibility Audit

McDonald's and Nestlé chose Modern-Expo Group, as a reliable business partner, to take part in the Responsible Sourcing Initiative. The goal is to develop a system of common values ​​by monitoring activities and improving standards in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Famous brands of ethics and conduct.

Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine Ltd. carried out the audit in the following areas: labor standards, safety and health, environment, business integrity. Production monitoring, checking documentation and employees interviewing were used for verification.   

Modern-Expo Group Successfully Passed the Social Responsibility Audit

Modern-Expo Group started preparing for an audit three months earlier. The audit lasted for two days, during which the auditors were able to evaluate all company’s work. They inspected the production for compliance with the requirements of labor protection, ecology and chemicals storing. They checked out whether employees are provided with personal protective equipment, the right number of working fire extinguishers, the proper conditions of cloakrooms, process of payroll management etc. Auditors also interviewed 62 employees.

Here is the result: the audit of social responsibility was successfully passed! Now Modern-Expo Group can cooperate not only with McDonald's and Nestlé, but also with other companies that have the same requirements for social responsibility. The audit results are published on "Sedex" and "iEnable PNL" public resources, where they can be viewed by other potential customers.

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