November 26, 2018

Modern-Engineering Solution Won at «Smart Academy IFM» Competition

One of the latest Modern-Engineering solutions, the hardware&software package CSS (CargoScanSystem), took the first place at the competition of industrial automation from IFM electronic. The project is special, because of the use of IFM 3D-cameras for objects measurements.

During the month, a lot of people voted for the best photo. Modern-Engineering CSS solution was presented by Nazariy Vereschuk and it received the majority of votes!
Modern-Engineering Solution Won at «Smart Academy IFM» Competition

Рішення від Modern-Engineering - перемoжець конкурсу «Smart Academy IFM»

Modern-Engineering is a part of the international holding Modern-Expo Group and has more than 20 years of experience. Its complete solutions really go ahead of time. CSS is one of such solutions and a new innovative tool for retailers, logistics specialists, and production workers. It carries out the automatic collection, processing and storing of information about cargoes with the automatic input of the received data to the ERP system. 


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