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Serve-over counter QuadroStream is designed for selling different types of products.
It is reliable in operation and easy-maintainable.

QuadroStream options:

  • remote refrigeration system, or plug-in unit;
  • with additional refrigerated understorage and without it.

QuadroStream design options:

  • QuadroStream serve-over counter (flap glass, or pneumatic glass opening);
  • QuadroStream self-service.

General characteristics:

  • Available lengths of QuadroStream sections: 937, 1250, 1562, 1875, 2500, 3750 mm;
  • closed corner 90°:
  • open corner 90°:

We provide a variety of accessories and different decorations for internal and external parts of the counter.

If you want to buy refrigerating trade equipment, please contact:

Vitaliy Lukyan – Retail manager

+380332 783 787




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