Parcel Terminal


Automated Parcel Terminal  – is a multifunctional automated point of dispatch, storage and delivery of goods / packages, your personal round-the-clock «silent postman».
Can perform functions:

  • automatic point for sending and receiving parcels;
  • automated storage point;
  • payment terminal;
  • vending and service cell;
  • advertising platform.


  • Available 24 hours per day;
  • Cheapening of delivery service;
  • Reduction of expenses for rent and personnel;
  • Improving the quality of customer service;
  • No contact with the courier;
  • The possibility of remote order;
  • Different payment forms (cash, credit cards, electronic money, etc.);
  • The ability to add mail stacks (up to 20) and to use different size of cells.

To buy parcel terminals, please contact:
Andriy Litvinenko
Director of High Rack Equipment Department
+380332 783 785



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