Fresh Box


Fresh Box –  automated terminal, which works on the same principle as the Parcel Terminals, but additionally allows to adjust temperature in the storage cells.

Fresh Box allows clients to store their belongings and products at a certain temperature range (+2°С, +8°С),  choose the time of storage, transfer them to other people. Thanks to Fresh box we are able to store and transfer even products such as milk, meat and fish, frozen foods.


  • Ability to deliver chilled food
  • Receiving and issuing orders near the customer’s house or on his way to work
  • Additional advertising space in public places
  • Additional services (Parcel Terminals and Fresh-boxes can be equipped with online payments terminal)
  • To provide a platform for the vending sales
  • Individual, recognizable and unique design

To buy automated terminals, please contact:
Andriy Litvinenko
Director of High Rack Equipment Department
+380332 783 785



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