Petro Pylypiuk and Bogdan Łukasik: “Live! Create! Win!”

Petro Pylypiuk:

In 2017, we worked again at a fluctuating market against the backdrop of the global crisis. However, despite the difficulties, 2017 brought us prosperity.

The year started with opening of a factory in Vitebsk – our third manufacturing facility, which, we are convinced, will help us to make the clients of the Customs Union countries pleased about the cooperation with Modern-Expo.

Another event we can be proud of is our company’s participation in EuroShop – the most prestigious international exhibition taking place in Düsseldorf (Germany) once in three years. We have been involved in it since 2003 and change our scale and approaches each time. 2017 placed us to Top 3 of the best ones according to such criteria as innovations, design and the atmosphere. By the way, the atmosphere we build is the feature that distinguishes our company from the others. It is not only a good-quality product we strive to provide our client with, but also as many positive emotions as possible. And we succeed in that mission!

There were also other representations of Modern-Expo in various corners of the world, such as the debut at the POST-EXPO exhibition in Geneva, where we did great with the Fresh-Box parcel terminal – an innovative equipment, which is used to deliver food products. Owing to such product, retailers received a considerable advantage in the competitive struggle at the online retail market.”


Bogdan Łukasik:

This year, Modern-Expo has made an unprecedented information breakthrough in Europe due to the work of our office in Poland. We have conducted a successful campaign to promote our brand at the Polish market, performed a series of events, where Modern-Expo was a sponsor and represented our innovations. As a result, we have been given numerous awards, particularly, for our innovative product –the Fresh-Box parcel terminal. Moreover, we have shown that Modern-Expo is a company standing in the same row with the world leaders, so it confidently offers a full product line for turnkey solutions.”


Petro Pylypiuk:

Another historical event of 2017 is that an IT-company R.E.D. joined the international holding of Modern-Expo – now we are able to create a number of extraordinary modern products. First of all, these are the self-checkouts, which are now especially popular in the Western Europe, and which are seen at our markets more and more often. The hard&soft combination will furnish us with great competitive advantages in creation of unique innovative products. We are already at the stage of completing the first part of the project for creation of an artificial intelligence in the retail sphere. We are looking forward for the beginning of the next year, when we will be able to use it.

There has also been a significant advancement at the markets of the Near East in 2017: our office in Dubai has had wonderful results achieving a substantial growth. We have reached a milestone by entering a new market segment – the supply of the turnkey solutions including the finishing works. One of such hypermarkets is at its closing stage, and this is the new page in the history of Modern-Expo. We got good news after the EuroShop exhibition and at the French market, whose leaders have opened their doors for us, and we now supply our products to the most known French chains. These are the important steps of 2017, and it is very important for us to be consistent at this phase. The main philosophy – “Just-in-time” – has been one hundred percent true. Therefore we expect from 2018 to show us dynamics at other front-offices as well.

Another major event of the year is that we announced our vision for the next 10 years at its beginning and confirmed again that the Modern-Expo company has serious ambitions: we want to become the No.1 company not only in Europe but also in the world. To do this, we have based upon the morals which we considered to determine the values of the corporate culture: honesty, responsibility, mutual respect, positive thinking, professionalism, openness, quality, continuous improvement, support of initiatives, focus on the result, on time work, perfection.

To conclude the 2017, let’s recall our values once more:

The team of talented people, who believe in GO Modern philosophy, which says: “Live! Create! Win!”

Lean production, the Lean philosophy, operational perfection. That is what gives us the ability to remain efficient – first of all, in economy – as well as to provide high-quality service and products for our clients.

Innovations. In 2017, we started actively investing resources in manufacturing of innovative products, and we will continue doing this, seeing here a great prospect. Most importantly, is that we believe our company has enough talented engineers, designers, marketers and IT-specialists, who already create the products which will define the image of the future retail for years to come.

Development means uninterrupted growth of the whole team. We cannot be strong and competitive without this constituent. That is why we carry on studying, self-developing and moving forward.

Service is what allows successful implementation of our solutions for clients.

Partnership will enable us to continue uniting around the Modern-Expo company talented people and modern companies, which share our values. Win-win principle in everything we do.

Another very essential fact to summarise: In 1997, i.e. precisely 20 years ago, I created together with Bogdan Łukasik our joint company, Modern-Expo. We believed that our principle – “Live! Create! Win!” – would become the principle for thousands of people. Life is the gift of God, and we come to this world to change it for the better. Only those who use their talents create the finest products in the world; only those who have a clear goal in their life and work hard towards it will certainly achieve a great success.

We need health in order to live. So, I wish you to be healthy and strong in the following 2018! We need inspiration to create, so may new ideas dawn upon you! To attain victories, I wish you robustness, energy and a positive thinking! Walk towards your goal step by step and win!

Modern-Expo – Go Modern!”



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