Modern-Expo Turnkey Project for SPAR Poland


SPAR Polska has announced it has already achieved its 2017 targets. The company also has a strategy for 2018, which is aimed at development of retail chains, including both convenience shops and small supermarkets (SPAR Express and SPAR Supermarket). For 2018, SPAR plans to achieve the number of 300 stores.

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Modern-Expo has been successfully working with SPAR for the last five years. The new store, opened on the 29th of November in shopping centre QUICK PARK in OŁAWA, was one of the brightest examples of turnkey solutions provided by Modern-Expo. 


The supermarket was equipped with shelving for bakery, fruits&vegetables, both wall units and gondolas, checkout counters. Additionally, shelving solutions were developed with printing on panels that fits each store’s section.


The new SPAR in Oława is surely one of the best places for shopping. The retailer has ambitious plans for upcoming years and the partnership with Modern-Expo seems very promising.


For the record: SPAR Polska operates in Poland since 1996 and since 2010 belongs to the Bać-Pol Corporate Group. Currently there are 252 SPAR shops in the formats of Supermarket, Eurospar and Express. SPAR exists in 44 countries on 4 continents owning 13 thousands sales points within the chain, mainly franchise.




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