Modern-Expo Solutions for Stokrotka



Stokrotka is well-known Polish retailer that aims at providing store customers with a wide range of high-quality fresh products at attractive prices. Today it runs around 400 supermarkets offering up to 10,000 different SKUs: meat, baked goods, dairy, fruits and vegetables, as well as chemicals, household cleaners and alcohol. The chain’s assortment also includes products from local suppliers and own-brand items. The company launched its in-house logistics network, has a distribution centre and several regional warehouses located throughout Poland.



Modern-Expo Group has been working with Stokrotka since 2009. The cooperation started with Modern-Expo checkouts which proved to be the perfect solution for the retailer. Having successfully launched several projects together, the range of equipment, provided by Modern-Expo, expanded to display shelving, baskets and promo-racks.



The chain grew not only in number of its supermarkets, but also announced the opening of its distribution centre in Lublin, Poland. The area of the warehouse is 11 500 sq. m. The DC can supply over 172 stores with necessary products. To make the centre the most efficient, Modern-Expo manufactured and supplied its storage solutions, namely high racks system.



For the record:

The company was founded in 1994 in Lublin, Poland. Stokrotka Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of Emperia Holding S.A. It is the keystone company of the retail business and one of the most rapidly developing retail chains in Poland. Today, Stokrotka is running 400 supermarkets throughout the country. Supermarkets are located in residential estates, in mini shopping centers, and major shopping malls. The chain offers from 100 to 1400 sq. m of selling space and from 4,000 to 10,000 assortment items.



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