Modern-Expo Makes Ideas Real: New Carrefour Concept was Launched

crfmarket-carrefour-modern-expo1The Carrefour chain in Belgium has opened the new supermarket at the beginning of April. The new store’s idea is clearly seen – maximum of comfort, light, space and premium quality goods inside. As early mentioned by Gondola Magazine, the well-known French chain has recently opened few Carrefour Express stores with a brand-new concept, which proved to be successful. Soon after Carrefour Express the same transformation is about to go through the Market Molière format. The first one with Modern-Expo equipment started in municipality Uccle located in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium.

The area of the new Carrefour Market Molière is around 2 560 sq.m and, as the retailer says, the new concept will definitely have a positive influence on a customer flow and sales. For this very purpose the Modern-Expo solutions were manufactured in light colors to meet the store’s design completely.

The company supplied the supermarket with display shelving for vegetables and fruits, media goods, etc. All equipment matched not only the specific design of the supermarket but met the ergonomic needs, comfort, right merchandising and aesthetics.

The project was done together with Wauters (Modern-Expo distributor in Belgium).




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