Modern-Expo Invites to Jazz!

Modern-Expo Group has supported the 10-th International Jazz Festival in Lutsk. Jazz in Lutsk is a holiday of high-quality music that takes place in Lubart castle on August 25-27, 2017. One of the sponsors of the event is international holding Modern-Expo Group!

As a socially responsible business, Modern-Expo supports this year’s incredible jazz program in Lutsk! It’s more than 80 musicians from eight countries around the world! Citizens  of Lutsk will ear the Ukrainian salsa-orchestra “Dislocados”, blues music, Keith Dunn, space-mysterious Katya Chili, blues from the German-Japanese-Ukrainian band Rodeof, who will visit Ukraine for the first time.


Victor Grysyuk, one of the co-organizers of “Art Jazz Cooperation 2017”, says that the jazz festival is not a commercial project, but promotion of quality music and high culture. Therefore, the support of such a festival by businessmen and company owners is extremely important. “This is happening at the level of personal ties and support, – he commented. – Of course, jazz is not quite popular music in Ukraine, and business understands importance of investments in culture”.

The higher the level of culture, the faster the economy develops. In particular, according to recent studies of European scholars, the level of economic development depends directly on the general level of country’s or city’s culture. Active and varied culture provides the best conditions for middle class and growth of security level and economic development. For example, if people get a quality cultural product, they are interested in better living. On the contrary, if people are educated enough – they need a high-quality culture. So, the higher the level of culture is – the higher the standard of living in general is”.

Modern-Expo Group is for a higher standard of living! Go Modern, Go Jazz!




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