Modern-Expo First project for METRO Austria


METRO in St.Pölten is fully committed to the idea of sustainability and already regarded as an international showcase project in the METRO world. It is the first zero-energy store with the area 8500 sq.m . The company decided to move away from the pragmatic blue-yellow industrial building towards much woodand daylight with a modern area division. According to Arno Wohlfahrter, METRO Austria CEO with the realization of the zero-energy status of this store, another innovative and sustainable step towards the future has been achieved.

_metro_007 _metro_015

To make the wholesale store really the special one, all building materials were selected according to ecological standards, large-area cooling rooms have been reduced, significant energy savings were reached through LED lighting, the waste heat from the refrigeration system was used for heating, etc. What’s moreis that METRO introduced the fresh service – in the area of St. Pölten, METRO fresh delivery is now available, which supplies METRO customers daily with fresh food products.

_metro_010 _metro_014

Modern-Expo was chosen as a partner to work on the new concept of METRO in St. Pölten. Beside standard shelving, checkouts, high racks, stainless steel equipment, the company developed chipboard advertising panels and inserts, info-points, special solutions for fruit&vegetable, bakery.

_metro_017 _metro_020

More than 1000 guests have visited the great METRO store. The successful opening marked another milestone of company’s profitable and sustainable growth.


METRO is one of the leading international companies in the wholesale and food service sector. METRO’s business is based on four strong pillars – the wholesale business of METRO Cash & Carry, the rapidly growing FSD delivery business, future-proof digital services and the leading brand Real in the hypermarket segment.



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